Work From Home – A Real Option Or Not

All my professional work experience has been in chemical laboratories in pharmaceutical industries. Due to the so difficult economic situation that crosses my country, I began to look for other options of work. I began to work during my free time in a company that was dedicated to sell products door to door. I traded their products and memberships with many illusions because the company promised great money. I was gained some money but consumed much time.

By some time I was working in other similar companies but as always if I wanted to earn more money had to spend more time out of my house This affected my family and my full time job. My economic situation began to get worse since in the pharmaceutical industry where I was working announcement that was going to reduce its personnel and possibly close operations. Wow, it was terrible when they gave us the suspension letter, I thought that it was the end of the world’

After 3 month I began to work in another pharmaceutical industry as temporary worker. After 6 months to be there I was pregnant and my contract with the company was about to finish. At that moment I decided to find a work from home.

My first impression was that the internet had many online work opportunities. I registered myself in several of them without looking for information. I began to lose money, invested and I didn’t see any result. In several occasion I stopped looking for work in the Internet and returned to try to find a traditional job. But I am a little stubborn. So, once again I began my online search but this time I needed to evaluate what things I done badly in my past search.

After much search and lose money I find that certainly in the Internet are swindlers but also are real businesses that can be of much benefit if we began in the right way.

These were my conclusions:

1. The correct decisions under desperation cannot be taken.

2. Avoid registering in works or businesses that you must pay first by receiving the complete information. This must work like when you are going to the store to buy clothes. You try the clothes before buying it. In Internet there are business and work opportunities that you can enroll free, access to all the company information and decide if is what you want.

3. Work from home do not function like magic art. As any other work or business need commitment, dedication and time (you decide how many time want to dedicate). You must take it seriously like a traditional work or business.

4. Nothing is free. It is always necessary to make some investment, big or small. The important thing is to have all the information to be able to make a good investment. On the other hand the Internet provides many free tools that are very useful for the online businesses and work from home. Example Free marketing tools, etc.