Think Big. Start Small.

Thinking efficiently during the initial phases can save you lots of money which is ultimately free profit. From living expenses to leisure expenses, every penny is critical to get you moving in the right direction. Don’t have any unneeded business space; if your business is manageable in a small den or home office, you might be better off doing so till you are able to expand comfortably.

There isn’t guaranteed success in starting a business, some are inevitably not going to work- which could be due to factors out of your control (ie. Economy, Local Market etc.) Keeping this in mind, in you find yourself in one of these worst case scenarios, the recovery will only be on a small scale; saving you from much larger burdens/debts.

Number 2)

Create a financial backing plan

Way too often people go into business with zero savings. They depend on loans from friends, family, and banks. They expect to start paying the loans back immediately with their initial profits. It is rare for businesses to obtain such profit margins so quick; it can take months or even years to turn a decent profit. These loans are essentially a liability and risk, often you’ll find yourself resorting to take out home equity loans or use credit cards to get by; putting your credit rating at risk.

It is much more beneficial to plan out a way to put aside money for your investments, to get you through the initial start up phase. As earlier stated, odds are your business will not be profitable for months or even years. This investment money will help keep things smooth with no risks involved.

Number 3)

Will you make a profit? – How? Figure it out

You may have a vision of success but are you able to state how exactly you will be turning a profit? You need to figure out your costs and expenses; rent, inventory, employees and the remaining items on a shockingly long list of costs. Only after figuring out these key factors, you’ll be able to have a adequate briefing on your profit potential.

Number 4)

Plan, plan, plan and plan!

Making a business plan is almost vital if you wish to succeed. It doesn’t have to be extremely detailed but knowing your path and having it mapped out in front of you will make the process to come much smoother. The key items to take keep track of are: a profit-and-loss forecast, break-even analysis and a cash flow projection. Keeping track of all these are simple feats that can be done with spreadsheets and simple number input, knowing this information gives a very helpful hand as it will set you off in the right direction instead of realizing it later on.

Another reason that the planning stage is important ties into point number 1, you’ll get a rough idea of what your start-up costs are and how much money will need to be saved. Making the numbers work on paper is very important before taking your idea firsthand into the real world.

Number 5)

Pay bills and taxes on time, be safe

Paying bills and taxes on time will ensure keeping your credit profile positive and intact. This adds to a company’s reputation, which is very important when searching for customers. It is definitely in your best interest to keep on track of this to avoid any additional, avoidable late payment charges. Also when dealing with distributors, paying on time will lead to building a ber relationship which could ultimately benefit your company in the long run.

Number 6)

Use Contracts and Agreements

Many laws actually require you to put some contracts and agreements in writing if they: last longer than a year, involve the sale of goods or services worth $500 or more, transfer ownership of copyrights or real estate.

It’s always a wise choice to put almost everything in writing, even if it isn’t legally required. Oral agreements aren’t the most reliable as they are impossible to prove. You’ll want to keep all your rental, storage, contracting, service, purchase order and sales agreements worth more than a couple hundred dollars in writing form for record purposes and avoiding a liability. Get in the habit of issuing receipts for all transactions and deals- regardless of price.

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If you have decided to walk out of your present job and do something on your own, you have taken the right decision. No one is born an entrepreneur. The moment you learn to take risks head on, without any sheltered support from outside, you have begun the journey in the right direction.

At home, first make yourself comfortable with a good PC and a speedy broadband internet connectivity. This being done, you have a host of avenues to explore while thinking of where to start in your inexpensive home based business. You are aware that there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to inexpensive home based businesses.

You can start with blogging. There is good money in blogging and initially you would find it a bit difficult in this new field. Moving forward, you will find blogging easy and full of interesting facts.

Another inexpensive home based business is the filling out of surveys. There are a number of sites who offer you work of surveying new products and services being introduced from time to time. All that you have to do is to fill in these surveys and give your opinions of the product. Filling out surveys is easy as it involves just ticking and shading out your opinions. There is nothing to be written down and you can fill in as many surveys as you like. The more the surveys that you can fill in the better the chances of being paid.

You can also have a look at some more inexpensive business opportunities. There are home based typing jobs that you can do sitting at home and you get paid per page basis provided you have been able to type in correctly. Mistakes and errors are not tolerated here. You can also do small accounting jobs from different business firms who cannot afford the separate services of an accountant.

Inexpensive home based business means that you don’t have to actually make heavy investments to set up a new business. The difference between expensive and inexpensive home based business is that in the former case, you have to make an investment of money to stock material and then sell them as per the market demand. This is more or less the conventional type of business, except for the fact that you do not have to rent out a separate warehouse – your home is your own inventory yard. Inexpensive home based business means that you prefer to give your services more than sell actual products, your services get you the payments that you are looking for.

Guess Angel is a dealing software for use with Betfair, the betting exchange web site. Betting trade application was originally just utilized for placing bets more rapidly than the interface of web sites like Betfair would let, but the sector has considering that expanded heavily. Nowadays, there are dozens of applications for buying and selling on Betfair and other exchanges. Nonetheless, Guess Angel is the most well-known, and perhaps most feature-laden of all the merchandise obtainable, and it is the application that I turn my interest to for the purposes of this article.

I am going to cover some of the basics when using the app, along with a handful of more sophisticated themes. Just before I do that, however, I must also mention some of the other betting trade application accessible to purchase.

The first software that springs to brain is Wager Trader Pro. This app uses a “ladder interface” to trade with, and is notable for its “1 click selling price request function”. Nonetheless, Gamble Trader Expert lacks many of the other characteristics that Gamble Angel contains.

A next properly-recognized investing bot is Bitenko’s FairBot software. This is a price successful app, that is excellent for beginners, but again does not consist of all of Wager Angel’s functions.

Wager Angel does come in two versions – Standard and Pro. The Simple model is no cost, and only consists of a simplified interface which enables 1 click betting but has very tiny else in the way of attributes.

The Expert edition, however, has much more characteristics than you could list – from auto hedging to trailing stops, from book arbitrage to streaming charts. It also consists of a ladder purpose, due to the need for that interface created by Wager Trader Pro.

When making use of Wager Angel Expert, I are likely to focus on 3 essential attributes.

The first characteristic that is extremely helpful is the offset / quit reduction mixture. This makes it possible for you to trade on Betfair, but with a particular reward/chance ratio in head. Whilst we all know when to minimize our losses in theory, in practice, very couple of punters have the self discipline to “walk their very own talk”. I are likely to set the cease loss to 2-three ticks if I am simple buying and selling and the offset to three-five ticks. This ensures that I ride my wins and minimize my losses, which ought to form the basis of any worthwhile investing method.

The 2nd feature that I am a large fan of is the triggered betting purpose. This makes it possible for you to automatically location a wager when specific ailments are met (and to close it instantly also). For illustration, you can back a assortment in the field at odds of a couple of.01 with a view to laying it at odds of 1.51 for a guaranteed revenue. I do have a number of “common settings” that I use to income from these functions (depending on the race and meeting sort), and you will require to experiment and devise your very own (liquidity won’t allow for more than a handful of punters making use of the very same settings so when you hit on them, don’t share them:) ).

Don’t managers and owners of small businesses have enough expenses already to worry about? Won’t spending money every month on search engine optimization services only increase expenses without accumulating any additional revenue? These are all popular questions small businesses ask when I am asking them about their current internet presence.

While search engine optimization is a rather discreet field to many business owners, there is a reason why it has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Simply put, search engine optimization gets results.

Of course, there are multiple ways to increase your revenue both on and offline, but when we sit back and really examine the benefits both literally and in relationship to cost-benefit analysis, we can begin to understand why many businesses are focusing a large portion of their marketing budget to hire professional search engine optimization firms. Let’s take a look at some reasons why small businesses should reconsider the sheer importance of SEO.

First, the ultimate and quintessential goal of SEO is to drive more traffic to a particular website, or network of websites. For instance, if you are a business and you have a website at, it is a great way for clients to find you online. The question owners and managers need to ask is, “do enough people actually know our website URL, and are we doing anything to expand our presence?” More times than not, the answer to at least one of those questions is no. Having a website, is a great way for consumers to get information about your business, that is, in the present day.

But what about the future? What about the longevity of your small business?

Owners of businesses need to actively increase their internet presence, which will not only drive more traffic to your website, but it will specifically target customers in your geographic region. Additionally, a professional SEO company can distinguish the difference between “browsing” keywords and “buying” keywords. This means, if you wish to increase revenue, hiring a professional SEO firm to analyze keyword trends can allow you to target internet users who are specifically looking for the services you provide. As you begin to target these visitors, you can expect to see a faster return on your investment.

But why SEO? Aren’t there better and more successful ways to manage an internet marketing campaign?

Search engine marketing, and specifically, search engine optimization is only a fraction in the internet marketing realm. However, search engine optimization is a great way to create increase website traffic with a minimal investment. If you find me a small business that has a substantial sum of money to spend on an advertising campaign, I will be surprised. Many small businesses lack the capital to initiate a widespread marketing campaign. Contrarily, most small businesses can afford search engine optimization services that will undoubtedly increase their exposure to consumers. It is this notion that allows search engine optimization to narrow the gap between corporate America, and small business America. Through geographic search engine optimization, small businesses can reach their target market locally, without spending large sums of money to reach an audience non-inclusive in their target market.

In summary, if you are a small business, and want to expand your client base (IMPORTANT), then the internet is the most efficient way to do so. Why spend your money targeting people that are not interested in your products or services when you can target the people that are looking specifically for your products and services. Search engine optimization allows you to do this, and all small businesses should consider it in order to increase their internet presence, traffic, and revenue.

Starting a home based business can be daunting. There are many actions to be taken and it pays to do your homework first.

Firstly you need a place from which to start, like a spare room or at least an area which can be set aside so that it becomes a dedicated place in which you have your computer, desk, shelves, filing cabinets, telephone and modem facilities.

Next you need to evaluate the time that you have available. IE. are you starting part time or do you the resources to go full time?

Speaking of resources, you will need to be able to outlay some money to buy resources, such as the Internet plan you are on, a printer and paper, ink cartridges, pens, note paper, a diary, files and inserts and I recommend an old fashioned Teledex to store your passwords and popular phone numbers in.

OK, I know that you can do this inside your computer, but, **** you know what happens if it crashes or you get power outages,

Can you do this without a home computer? Well I guess you can use a Cyber cafe or library, but this article is really about working from the comfort of your home.

So now you have your home based business centre set up. What now?

Well investing in your Home Based business is all well and good, but the very best and first investment must be into yourself. Basically you will need some knowledge of how to go about building an internet business, but also you need to develop the right mindset so you are prepared to skillfully create your nest venture and steer it to success.

Fortunately, this is the right time for you to be doing this. Yes, even 5 years ago, being a newbie online was very very hard as those people were the pioneers of today and it is from them that you can get the knowledge which will help you in a very big way. But Where and how and which do I choose.

OK, here are some tips.

Firstly research is vital. To start simply Google it! Yes you have heard that popular phrase I am sure, so “Google” it “Home Based business ” into the search bar and see what comes up.

WOW!.!!! There are hundreds! Don’t get overwhelmed, just look at some. see the many types there are.

Then decide what is the type you want to do.

What appeals to you? Flowers, books, paintings, small gifts, clothing… the list goes on.

Now here is something that you may not know about. It is called “Affiliate marketing”. This is a successful and popular model,is super well organised and is a perfect Home based Business..

Benefits of affiliate marketing are:

No stock required, products are listed for you to choose from, payment systems are in place, no humans involved, like personnel, accountants, deliveries etc.

There is much more on this, but

Well, the very best thing you can do now is to get an education as to how to go about your planned project.

I am assuming that you have a reasonable ability to use a computer, so I will start from that assumption.

All my professional work experience has been in chemical laboratories in pharmaceutical industries. Due to the so difficult economic situation that crosses my country, I began to look for other options of work. I began to work during my free time in a company that was dedicated to sell products door to door. I traded their products and memberships with many illusions because the company promised great money. I was gained some money but consumed much time.

By some time I was working in other similar companies but as always if I wanted to earn more money had to spend more time out of my house This affected my family and my full time job. My economic situation began to get worse since in the pharmaceutical industry where I was working announcement that was going to reduce its personnel and possibly close operations. Wow, it was terrible when they gave us the suspension letter, I thought that it was the end of the world’

After 3 month I began to work in another pharmaceutical industry as temporary worker. After 6 months to be there I was pregnant and my contract with the company was about to finish. At that moment I decided to find a work from home.

My first impression was that the internet had many online work opportunities. I registered myself in several of them without looking for information. I began to lose money, invested and I didn’t see any result. In several occasion I stopped looking for work in the Internet and returned to try to find a traditional job. But I am a little stubborn. So, once again I began my online search but this time I needed to evaluate what things I done badly in my past search.

After much search and lose money I find that certainly in the Internet are swindlers but also are real businesses that can be of much benefit if we began in the right way.

These were my conclusions:

1. The correct decisions under desperation cannot be taken.

2. Avoid registering in works or businesses that you must pay first by receiving the complete information. This must work like when you are going to the store to buy clothes. You try the clothes before buying it. In Internet there are business and work opportunities that you can enroll free, access to all the company information and decide if is what you want.

3. Work from home do not function like magic art. As any other work or business need commitment, dedication and time (you decide how many time want to dedicate). You must take it seriously like a traditional work or business.

4. Nothing is free. It is always necessary to make some investment, big or small. The important thing is to have all the information to be able to make a good investment. On the other hand the Internet provides many free tools that are very useful for the online businesses and work from home. Example Free marketing tools, etc.

As a former golf professional, evaluation and risk management is par for the course (pardon the pun). No matter what the situation, the thought process remained the same. If you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions then go ahead. If you are hesitant because of the potential outcome, do not do it….. It’s called evaluation.

Why is it then that so many people fail to evaluate their MLM business, both new opportunities and existing interests?

All network marketers should have at least a basic understanding as to where you sit in the market place and if you’re looking to start your own business, the criteria listed are a good way to start your research.

What is the product?

oIs it top quality or is it a fad?
oHow many products are available to be marketed?
oIs money invested in the market research?
oIs the product consumable meaning repeat business orders?
oDoes the product offer great value or is it cheaper elsewhere?
oAre you happy to use the product? Even if you were not in the company?
oDoes the product give you confidence in what you are doing?

Clarify Expectations

oWhat are the expectations of you and what do you expect from not only the business but also from the training and mentor programs? If there is a clash here, the results could be terminal.
oDoes your personality match that of your potential upline? Are they a giving type of person or are they in this to service their own needs?

Compensation Plan

oThis varies right across the board. There are companies with plans providing over 60% and there are companies paying a whole lot less with the industry standard being approximately 50%. If you are going to work hard, you may as well get the biggest bang for your buck!

Retention rates

oThis can destroy businesses and often does. It is like filling a bucket full of water only to find out that the bucket is full of holes!
oIndustry average unfortunately is approximately 15% but the good news is there are MLM businesses with substantially higher rates due to mainly to the product they are marketing and the training environments provided by their leadership.

Marketing strategy

oHow do they generate business?
oDoes this style match up to your personal attributes?
oDoes the strategy require many, many hours and in your face strategies?


oHave processes been put in place to automate your business? The idea being to free up your time so you can work on the real gritty parts of the business.
History of the company
oDo not go into this blind. Make sure you have all the information you need to make an informative decision. The last thing you need is to find out the company is just starting out. (Unless of course you are searching for such a chance).


oWhat systems are in place to provide the teaching tools you need and the personal mentoring you will require?
oAre the tools a way for your teachers to make money or are they freely available for your development?


oWhat is your capital investment? What other capital might be required after starting up?
oWhat time investment will be required?
oGenerally It will either cost money or it will cost you time?


oWhilst the duplication of successful processes has merit, it is impossible to duplicate people and the personalities that are attached.
oIs there going to be room for you to be you?

Put the emotion aside for a moment and let your own personality, beliefs and people judgment skills guide you. The choices you make when looking at MLM businesses are far more crucial than some of the everyday evaluations we make. Take a little time and reward yourself for your efforts.

Did you know that our U.S. Congress decided to pass a 700 billion dollar bail out plan? 700 billion dollars! what would you do with that kind of money? Invest it, buy a dream home or vehicle, go on a permanent vacation? There’s millions of things you could think of to do with this amount of money. Would you help out the middle man in our nations society? If you answered no, don’t feel at all bad; the congress wouldn’t do it either.

With the economy failing and the rich getting even MORE richer,Our congress decided to pass a 700 billion dollar bailout plan for our banks and Wall street.They say that it will boost our economy by providing credit to banks so that they can loan it out to big businesses, which in turn should allow them to grow, make more money, and produce more jobs for the middle class. Sounds great right!? Sure and while your buying into that be sure to check out the properties on the moon for sale.

THE TRUTH is that this bill will only help out banks and Wall street. Very little of this investment will trickle back down to the middle class. I find it ironic that they would even ask the tax payers to bail them out when they have been screwing us over for years. If it wasn’t for Wall street’s greed we wouldn’t be in this mess now. Our real estate market has completely collapsed and people are losing their homes along with there equity faster than anytime in history before. Jobs are being lost faster than our economy can replace them, leaving thousands of people unemployed and can’t find work. Health care cost are sky rocketing and the number of uninsured keeps getting higher by the second. How much of that 700 BILLION DOLLAR’S is going to be used to address those issues? None!! That’s right, none of that money will go towards helping out the problem of the middle class.


I’m not just talking about change in our nations capital; I’m talking about a real change for the middle class and everyday hard working Americans. In reality neither one of our presidential candidates have a true plan that will help out the common man. They are just making promises that they already know they probably wont keep. It’s time for us to take care of US! HOW?

Home Based Businesses

Instead of trying to find yet another dead end job that doesn’t even pay for basic food and shelter; I decided to come up with my own bailout plan, a home based business. I believe that the best investment that a person can make is an investment in themselves. Everyone should have a home based business.

Here’s Why:

.No one will ever pay you what you are really worth.
.You shouldn’t have to downsize yourself
.Our tax system is setup for business owners not workers
.It’s a real chance for financial freedom
.You are your own boss

There are thousands of home base businesses out there some of them are good,while others not so good.

What to look for:

-Look for something that you would love to do. It doesn’t matter how much money you can make if you don’t enjoy doing it, right?

-Look for a business that you can do from home, without taking over your home. Your family should always come first.

-Look for tools and training.
In our new era everything is on the internet. So in order to be successful at any business you will need to know how to market on the internet.

The most common problem that people face when they are starting their business is regarding how to find the funds that is necessary to start the business. Although a great business plan is essential in this respect, yet it may not be enough to get the required amount of funds to run the business. While some people try to take help from affluent friends, some others may resort to bank loans and for the rest, there are venture capital investors who will be happy to invest in a new business.

The business owners usually look into the funding that is received from venture capital firms. However, even before you join hands with venture capital investors, you must ensure that their welfare is safeguarded regarding their investment. When venture capitalists invest in your firm, they become more than mere creditors, they turn into part owners and this is the reason why they need to see the long-term revenue options of the company.

Tips on finding the right venture capital investors for your company

1) It is important to start with concrete business plan presentation as most of the investors would love to go for businesses that have concrete plans to support their venture. Without having convincing ideas for your business, it will not be possible for you to attract investors. Hence, before starting to look for VC’s make sure that you start your work towards a fine business plan.

2) When you get some investors who are interested in your project, you must show them the return on their investment. Most of the VCs usually look out for at least three to five times return on their investment. Thus, you must be clear from the beginning regarding the return on investment that they must be expecting from your business. Investors would like to deal with you if they realize that you are thorough about all the aspects regarding your business.

3) When you are getting into a discussion with your investors, you must be ready with an exit strategy at the end of the meeting. The exit program must discuss about the direction in which the company is heading to as investors are certainly interested in another possible investment opportunity. In order to convince your investors, you must be ready to sell, merge or go public.

I know that every work at home mom wants to spend more time with their kids and doesn’t want to take a part time job, so the Internet is a blessing when it comes to making money from home.

But there is one important thing you should know …

I am going to show you the biggest scam to avoid so you can save yourself thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours from this one particular scam called High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP), also known as Pozi scheme.

This is how HYIP works: the company promises you some big money if you invest just $100. The HYIP company will give you $500 at the end of the month. But that’s not all.

Most of the time they’ll pay you a percentage of the money you invested. For example, 50 percent growth per day. So you earn 50 dallars per day if you invest in $100. Can this be true? Yes but it’s a big scam because everything goes crashing down.

The reason why people fall for this scam is because it sounds so enticing — another get rich overnight scam that makes owner rich and the so called “investers” — you, the work at home moms — poor.

And guess what? People still fall for HYIP scams because greed is part of human nature. There are other ways to make a money but High-Yield Investment Program isn’t one of them.

For example, back in 2005 when there was this very popular High-Yield Investment Program on the Internet. Everybody was investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into it until one day the website close down.

People went broke — some literally went homeless, from what I can remembered. The owners of the website actually got arrested for this Ponzi scheme and I haven’t heard about them since.

Don’t forget to avoid High-Yield Investment Program like a plague and look for legitimate ways to make money online.