Who wouldn’t desire to drop 2 to 3 sizes in 10 minutes? What if you really could and enjoy a healthy income helping other people do the same? In this Ardyss International review I intend to share with you a number of important things to take into account when looking at this opportunity. By the way, I am not involved with the company in any way, so this review is totally unbiased.

Ardyss International Review

The company was officially launched by the Diaz de Leon family, in 1991, in Mexico. Now, almost 20 years later, the company’s headquarters are in Las Vegas, NV. The CEO of the company is Miguel Arvaez. Their products are sold through a multi-level marketing network of distributors and are available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Ardyss International Products

Ardyss is positioned quite uniquely in the rapidly expanding health and wellness industry. They combine body shaping garments with nutritional supplements and skin care products to deliver a new and healthier you. The company currently markets 16 unique Body Magic garment styles for women and 2 for men. They allow you to drop sizes right away while shaping your abdomen, buttocks, and chest area. In addition, Ardyss sells over 20 nutritional supplements and 6 skin care products.

Body Magic 2 Step System

To achieve maximum results Ardyss introduced their Body Magic 2 Step System. The first step involves the use of their Body Magic shapewear that gives you the appearance of weight and sizes lost. It is also designed to improve posture, overall muscle tone in the abdomen, buttocks and chest area over time. The second step is to drink their Le Vive nutritional juice. Le Vive is a blend of 5 fruits high in antioxidants which helps get rid of toxins, cleanses the body, and promotes increased energy levels.

Ardyss International Opportunity

The company’s compensation plan is a multi-level marketing plan and is based on a unilevel model. Independent distributors can retail the products direct or put together a team of distributors. Various bonuses are available including unilevel, enroller, express, power pack, generation, and rank bonuses. The plan also offers a car bonus as well as sharing in a leadership pool. To become a independent distributor one can join for free by being on autoship, pay for a $30 starter kit, or purchase a $299 power pack.

Is ArdyssLife A Good Business Opportunity For You?

Ardyss International appears to be a solid company marketing quality products to a definite market. However, as in many network marketing companies, only a percentage of the distributors earn the big money. Most new distributors get excited about the company, the products, the opportunity to make money, and do not realize that this is a business that requires marketing.

If you’re excited about this business, invest time thinking about how you are going to market this business. Are you going to follow the usual network marketing method? Are you going to get in touch with friends, family, and everyone you know? Are you going to host home presentations? What are you going to do when you run out of people to call? Are you planning to learn how to use the Internet to find targeted prospects for your business?

Are you tired of having to wake-up early every morning to
beat the traffic so you can get to work on time? Well,
there may be a solution here for you, but you have to have
guts, determination and be willing to work hard.

You can erase all the negatives associated with going to
somebody office every day, simply by investing in a
home-based business. A home-based business refers to a
business venture that is based right in your home. And this
is the solution to your problems…

some people dream about getting into their own home
business, because it offers them the opportunity to be at
home with their families. They realize they wont have the
hassles commuting to somebody job every day, and they have
seen the rewards and benefits that working from home can
bring hem.

Working from home affords you all the freedom you could
ever want. Do as you please… you can operate your
business how you please, using your own style and skills.
And you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get
started in your business, for it can be started on a shoe
string budget.

Starting your business from home is more beneficial to you,
than the other guy who runs a brick and mortar store. You
saved on over-head expenses. There is no rent to pay, no
fixtures to install, no light bills, no water bills, no
staff to pay and i can go on and on with the benefits in
starting your business from home.

You already have all of the things in your home you would
need to get started. As a matter of fact, all you really
need is a table to put your PC on and a chair to sit in. So
you don’t need a lot of money to start with.

I strongly advised, that if you have decided to work from
home, to check yourself first for your business ideas and
plans. We all have some sort of talent and skills that
could be put to use in a business. What are you good at
doing? What are your hobbies? What did you learn on the job
that you can put to use now for yourself? And things like

The idea here is, if you are doing something that you love,
your work will become workless to you. You will go through
your chores with little effort. No strain at all! If you
choose a business that you know very little of, you can
find it to be stressful, and daunting. You and are likely
to give up after a few month trying.

For example… i love fishing. As a boy i started fishing
alongside the wharf for fun. When i grew up, i became a
local fisherman, then an International fisherman, now i am
a license fishing vessel captain. I have over 50 years
experience dealing with the sea and fishing.

Now, i can build a website sharing this information with
those who is in need of it, and make good money from doing
this without feeling any strain, and i will be running my
business for the long term in this market. Catch the drift?

But i love business better… that’s why i choose Affiliate
marketing for my home business. First, i believe when i
write an article and publish it, probably it will help
someone with a problem or benefit them in some way. And
secondly, it afforded me to start my home-based business
with a capital of $45.00… $20.00 for a domain name and
$25.00 for hosting my wedsite.

Tell me where on earth you can start a brick and mortar
store for less than $50.00…

An affiliate marketing business from home allows you to
set-up with little capital, as you can see from above. And
it creates savings for you, since you don’t have to budget
for gas, clothing, vehicle depreciation and your time which
has a cost to it etc.etc. The money saved can be put to use
in your own home business. You may want to try P.P.C

If you are working for someone else, you will get a fixed
sum of money each month, no matter how much effort you put
into your work. But if you own your own home-based
business, what you earn is yours. But what you earn will
depend on how industrious you are and how dedicated you
will be to your business. The more effort you put into your
business, the better your financial rewards will be.

A baby needs lots of care and dedication in the first
stages of its life. When that baby gets to 10 years, you
start to slacken off on some of your chores because it has
grown to a stage, where it can do some of those things you
had to do for it before, for itself. When it reaches 18
years, it now Handel its own affairs with very little input
from you.

If you treat your business like the baby, and be patient,
you will be able to take 3 months vacations with your
family without worrying about your business, for it will be
making money for you 24/7 without any input form you, on
auto pilot.